What is it about cycles?

So I was thinking today about cycles. Financial cycles and the economy and what not. As I strolled down memory lane I started to realize that the hubmeister and I have always been on an opposite cycle from what is happening in the country financially. When times are bad in general, we seem to be doing well. When it's boom time and everyone is buying a house, we're broke. I figure by the time we pay off all our debt, the government will announce its debt forgiveness program. HA!

I want to be able to talk about what I am knitting right now. It is a simple little pattern that I am designing, but I can't give you all the details, because it is for my mom. I don't know if she reads this, but I can't take the chance, so you'll all have to wait for Mother's Day for the big reveal. Or you can read about it at the rav page for the project. (This is so why I need Rav to stay private!)

Okay, off to make movies with 5th graders. Woot!


essjay said...

That will be a great gift! I do think that Rav is going to have an option to "hide" or mark some projects "private" specifically because of the gift giving reasons.

Lia said...

Rob and I are usually on the opposite cycle, too. It's bizarre!

Ooh, SJ, I like the "hide" and "private" options.

Your mom's gift is safe!