Lovely and Sad.

So I am bored. I'm at work. My morning forum reading complete, and no knitting with me to work on. I have been working on seaming the afghan for Joel's girls. You can see info about the project here (rav link). Here is a photo of my progress. These are four panels that are seamed vertically, but not seamed to each other.

Some of you who know that I am not a religious person may wonder about the design. The design is not mine. It was designed by some of my fellow knitters who knew Joel and knew he was devout and active in his church.

It doesn't bother me to honor him with these afghans for his two girls. Even though it isn't what I would want for myself, I understand the sentiment and I truly hope they will bring some comfort to his girls.

As you can see, I have another panel to finish. I am awaiting the arrival of two more lilac squares. The seaming is so much faster than I anticipated it being. I am using a crochet slip stitch seam. Once the seaming is done, I think we're doing a garter stitch border around the outside.

My friend Sara is doing the other afghan which is the same design, but with the lilac and sage switched. It's truly beautiful! Essjay and Dotmom were the creative minds behind the color scheme and the design. Such great eyes for color and theme!

I'll post more info when it's finished.


Geek Knitter said...

Hey, I think I see my squares!

Looking wonderful.. and lovely... and sad.

Anonymous said...

It looks great!! I am trying to guess which ones are mine.

essjay said...

It does look lovely so far!

Tracy said...

It's looking great. I can't quite tell which ones are mine. Thank you for sharing the pic.

DotMom (a.k.a. Julie) said...


You're doing a great job putting that together. It looks beautiful. :BIGhug:

Neophytos said...

I'm with you about the design (personally) - for this, though, I am MORE than happy to be able to contribute to something that has a deep and heart-felt meaning for the recipients.

WonderMike said...

It's looking wonderful, SK!