I finished the Clap for Kristal. It has really been done for awhile, but I had to finish dropping the stitches and then pin it out for blocking. It's on the blocking mattress right now. I couldn't figure out where to block it out that I could pin it to, because it is so long. I didn't want to go with the floor, because of the dogs. Then I remembered that there is my son's old twin mattress in the dining room, awaiting pick-up by the thrift mart. So I put the mattress down and pinned the Clap to some towels laid over the mattress. It is NOT pretty, so I'll wait to post pics until it is finished drying.

I am swatching for a new clap for me using the linen (flax) that Anna sent me. I'm not sure about it, as the linen is a little stiff. I am thinking however that as the linen softens, it will be fine and with a little blocking will probably look lovely. Although, blocking linen is a bit tricky. But I have done it before, so soldier on! The clap will be a perfect pattern to knit on the way to Yosemite in two weeks. Last year I designed Yosemite on the bus ride. This year, I already have a design I'm working on, I just need to decide if I want to take it with me or not.

For the uninitiated, I go to Yosemite every year with the 7th graders. We leave on Monday morning, ride on the bus for 9 hours, arrive, eat dinner, do a night hike and go to sleep. Then we have outdoor fun and adventure for three more days. On Friday morning we wake up, we eat breakfast, take a quick hike, pack up the bus and head back home. We're usually home my 6 or 7pm. It is the most awesomest (see I'm practicing my middle school speak) trip ever. This will by my fourth trip. I really enjoy it because it reminds me of home (Alaska) and re-inspires my dedication to the environment and exercise. I'm hoping the exercise motivation lasts longer than it did last year. OY.


Anna said...

Glad to see that you have projects in mind for the yarn I sent you!!! It makes me very happy! :)

Hope the trip to Yosmite will be great this year as well.

Lia said...

The clap in that yarn from Anna is going to be beautiful! The color seems like one that will look really good next to your cute face!