Another day, another non-knitting post.

I am still working away on the giftie for mom. So I can't delve into any detail about that except to say, it is going really well. Oh yeah, and guess what? You really do use the math you learn in school in real, everyday adult life. HA to all those little bastards that questioned why they should learn the math I was trying to teach them. But I digress. I just realized that I can't even tell the math story without revealing what the gift is, and that bums me out because it would make an excellent post. Crap.

What can I talk about then? I am doing the drop stitches on the Clap for Kristal, which is completed. It is knit with SWS, and turned out quite nice. I am going to finish the dropped stitches, then lay it out in a pseudo block. Then I am going to start swatching for the next Clap made from my swap yarn.

I looked at a lot of wrap patterns, but I really think the simplicity of the clap pattern will show the beauty of that yarn the best. I wonder if that yarn will keep it's shine after washing? I know it will significantly soften, but I hoping not to loose all the sheen. :sigh:

Okay, this picture is why I can never get out of bed on Saturday morning. I love the view of the bougainvillea and lantana in the back yard. A few weeks ago the roses were amazing, but they're working on new buds right now.

The Coachella Festival is this weekend, so of course it is bloody hot. It's been gorgeous for most of April. I'm sure Prince will love performing in 100 degree weather. Hope that new hip holds up!


Lia said...

That new hip...heh.

Wow, I'd never get out of bed either! Bougainvillea entrances me. We have to treat it like annuals here. :(

I'd love to see pics of the roses!

essjay said...

I think the Clap will look great in that Linen yarn - and I too hope it doesn't lose it's shine. You are so lucky to have such beauty - we barley have buds on the trees at this point and snow was in the forecast last night....thanks for sharing your bit of spring with everyone!