Okay, so I cast on for Jeanie using the provisional cast-on tutorial at bella knitting.

I am happy to report that I made it through the cast-on and foundation row relatively unscathed. I am now too tired to continue on the next row. I mean, have enough time to make it through, but not the mental fortitude I am afraid.

My only problem with this pattern? You really do need all 19 stitch markers and I have 12. :-( I don't want to wait for some that I order, so I'll have to revert to the yucky plastic ones I have. Either that or the old-fashioned tie them on in contrasting yarn. :sigh:

Hopefully I'll have some pictures tomorrow!

ETA: Nothing much to add info wise, so I'll just post the picture to yesterday's post! I only wish the colors of this yarn could be better seen. It's truly beautiful.


Lia said...

I love that pattern--I can't wait to see yours all knit up and loverly!

19 stitch markers is a lot...ew.

essjay said...

Isn't it super hard to use ugly stitch markers after using pretty ones?