Flash and Pool Examples

I had some questions about what flashing and pooling were from yesterday's post. I thought I'd post some examples for you all.

I don't think people will mind my links to their pics, as they willingly posted them to a thread on the different pooling and flashing effects.

So, first I give you flashing (rav link). An effect that tends to go back and forth giving the appearance of a "flash" of lightning. I really like how this can look. Here (rav link) is another cool example of flashing.

This (rav link) example is great for showing how pooling can look like it is part of the design.

Another great example of pooling.

To the left you see my own example of pooling. Very cool, I think.

So all in all, I really like pooling. And like the Yarn Harlot said in her blog, the surprise is what is fun about knitting with variegated yarns!


a bit-knit obsessive said...

I love your pooling links! Fluffyknitterdebs socks are so beautiful! Pooling does do some pretty cool things!

Lia said...

As a general rule, I love flashing and pooling. I consider them integral to showing off hand-dyed or variegated yarns; they're special! On socks, flashing and pooling are awesome; and if you've ever adjusted the stitch count on a sock, then you know how dramatically different the patterns change. It's so cool!

The only time I curse the flash and pool is if I'm knitting a large garment. A sweater I knit with Mmmmmmmmmalabrigo ended up with some pretty funky looking spots. I'm frogging and reknitting it (two years later...) because it looks awful. (Doesn't help that the hanks are different colros so that one sleeve of the sweater is about 4 or 5 shades darker than the other.) But, I've seen beautiful pooling on sweaters; Friskums knit one like that, and it was gorgeous.