I've recently returned from my yearly sojourn to Yosemite. Five days in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Each year our 7th grade class goes to Yosemite. For the last four years, I have gone as a chaperone. This is a trip I look forward to all school year long. Growing up in Alaska we had a lot of opportunity to hang out in nature. Since moving to the Desert, we don't have as much opportunity because the summer, when we'd be able to camp and hike and stuff like that, it is hotter than mother-frakkin' hades.

But I digress. I had a realization on my trip this year. I spend too much time online and not enough time living my life. I know that sounds bad. I love and adore my online knitting bitches. But most of them live near each other and get to see each other, or at least other knitters. I do not. And because I do not, I spend a lot of time hanging out online. Which means that a lot of my IRL possible activities fall by the way side.

I'm not sure what all of this means for my online knitting stuff. But I can say this. I have not been designing and I have not been knitting enough, and my time online is the biggest culprit. So I am going to try and limit myself to less time online and more living IRL. I will miss everyone and I will try to keep in touch. But I need some more real life people!

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Lia said...

Oh Andola, I do miss you so! And I'm like you--I don't live anywhere near our knitting bitch friends. (Of course that I have social anxiety disorder doesn't make IRL friends easier!)

I do know what you mean about not getting things done, though. My dyeing, even though I have the mojo something fierce, tends to fall by the wayside, as does my knitting, reading, learning new things, and all the whatevers that exist IRL.

I love you honey--please stop in and visit when you can. No pressure though; I know what you're going through.

Hugs and smooches and all that good stuff!